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Christopher S. Gomez, M.D.

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Christopher S. Gomez, M.D.



  • English


  • American Board of Urology
  • Amer Bd of Urology-Female Pelvic Med & Reconstructve Surgery


  • Urology

Intereses clínicas

Urinary incontinence, neurourology, and spinal cord injury.


Florida State University
University of Miami
University of Miami
Memorial Healthcare System


Dr. Christopher Gomez has established himself as a specialist in urinary incontinence and urogenital reconstruction.

He is currently a Diplomat of the American Board of Urology with subspecialty certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. He earned his medical degree and completed a residency in urology at the University of Miami where he was recognized for his accomplishments in urologic research. He went on to complete a fellowship in female urology, urodynamics and reconstruction at Memorial Healthcare System.

He returned to the University of Miami in 2011 at which point he became a faculty member with the urology department, and in 2012, he became the associate program director of the urology residency program. In September 2012, he was awarded the American Urological Associate/Urologic Society of India academic exchange scholar grant.

Dr. Gomez is currently working to advance urologic medicine using minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, and he is actively involved in research to test and develop new treatments for these disorders.

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