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Ricardo Martinez-Ruiz, M.D.

Información general

Ricardo  Martinez-Ruiz, M.D.



  • English


  • American Board of Anesthesiology-Critical Care Medicine
  • American Board of Anesthesiology


  • Anesthesiology
  • Critical Care Medicine-Anesthesiology


  • Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology


1997 Fellowship
Massachusets General Hospital
1996 Residency
Massachuseets General Hospital , Harvard Medical School
1996 Fellowship
Massachusets General Hospital
1993 Internship
University Hospital
1992 Fellowship
University of Puerto Rico
1988 M.D.
Central University of Venezuela


  • Cooper L, Castillo D, Martinez-Ruiz R, Gallagher C, Barron M, Hitchen K. Adjuvant use of dexmedetomidine may reduce the incidence of endotracheal intubation caused by benzodiazepines in the treatment of delirium tremens. Anesthesiology 2005 (Accepted for abstract publication).
  • Cooper L, Grossman J, Gallagher C, Barron M, Martinez-Ruiz R, Univent® endotracheal tube bronchial blocker stylet improves success rate of left-sided placement and repositioning in the event of inadvertent dislodgement. Anesthesiology 2005 (Accepted for abstract publication).
  • Cooper L. “The Lung’s Not Down, You Idiot!” –Lung Isolation. In: Procedures in Anesthesia. Gallagher C, Lubarsky D, Martinez-Ruiz R (eds), McGraw Hill. (in press)
  • Martinez-Ruiz R, Bigatello L. Mechanical ventilation. In: Critical care procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Lippincott 2000.
  • Gallagher C, Martinez-Ruiz R, Lubarsky D. Procedures in Anesthesia. McGraw Hill. (in press)

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