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Ana M. Palacio, M.D., MPH

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Ana M. Palacio, M.D., MPH



  • English


  • American Board of Internal Medicine


  • Internal Medicine

Intereses de

• Global health
• Health disparities
• Cardiovascular diseases and other chronic conditions
• Health Behavior Modification
• Comparative Effectiveness research using mixed methods
• Patient-Centered decision making
• Program Evaluation
• Training/ development of heath care professionals for successful preventive care


2003 MPH
Johns Hopkins University
1995 M.D.
Universidad Catolica Santiago de Guayaquil, Guayaquil-Ecuador


Ana M. Palacio, MD, MPH is Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Director of Latin American Programs of the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine. She is also Co-director of the Resident Scholarly Activity Program and a practicing general internist affiliated with the Miami VA Medical Center. Dr. Palacio is currently leading an initiative to establish collaborations in Latin America for educational and research purposes. The approach selected is to establish meaningful partnerships that allow for technology transfer and capacity building. Her personal research has focused on the development and evaluation of innovative approaches to reduce medication adherence barriers and to trigger health behavior modification among subjects with chronic conditions, with particular interest in cardiovascular diseases.

Her methodological strengths include the integration and use of mixed sources of data to evaluate outcomes in large populations, the implementation and evaluation of quality improvement interventions in real world settings particularly racially diverse ones and the design and implementation of comparative effectiveness clinical trials. Through a UM-Humana partnership, Dr. Palacio was instrumental in the validation and use of claims data for these research purposes.

Dr. Palacio co-created a training curriculum that allows the development of research competencies of practicing physicians interested in the conduction of research. Based on the success of the program at increasing the number of publications among the trainees, this curriculum is now on-going in 3 different South Florida hospitals. The curriculum combines, web based, virtual and in person interactions.   

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