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Lauren T. Shapiro, M.D., MPH

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Lauren T. Shapiro, M.D., MPH



  • English


  • American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • American Board of Phys Med & Rehab-Brain Injury Medicine


  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Intereses clínicas

Neurological Rehabilitation : Traumatic brain injury (including concussion), stroke, adult cerebral palsy ׀ Spasticity injections: Botox, Xeomin ׀ Prosthetics and orthotics: Amputations, foot drop, post-polio ׀ Musculoskeletal: neck / back /joint pain ׀ Intra-articular injections (non-ultrasound guided): shoulder knee, trochanteric bursa ׀ General rehab: falls, balance, deconditioning, burns & cancer

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