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Tatiana Froud, M.D.

Información general

Tatiana  Froud, M.D.



  • English


  • American Board of Radiology-Diagnostic Radiology


  • Nuclear Radiology - Radiology
  • Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology
  • Vascular & Interventional Radiology - Radiology


  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology


1999 Fellowship
Jackson Memorial Medical Center, University of Miami
1998 Residency - Diagnostic Radiology
Jackson Memorial Medical Center, University of Miami
1994 Residency - Nuclear Medicine
University of Missouri-Columbia
1990 M.D.
University of Bristol


  • 1. Baidal DA, Faradji RN, Messinger S, Froud T, Monroy K, Ricordi C, Alejandro R. Early Metabolic Markers of Islet Allograft Dysfunction. Transplantation. 2009 Mar 15;87(5):689-97. 2. Leitão CB, Cure P, Messinger S, Pileggi A, Lenz O, Froud T, Faradji RN, Selvaggi G, Kupin W, Ricordi C, Alejandro R. Stable renal function after islet transplantation: importance of patient selection and aggressive clinical management. Transplantation. 2009 Mar 15;87(5):681-8. 3. Alejandro R, Barton FB, Hering B

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