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Yeon S. Ahn, M.D.

Información general

Yeon S. Ahn, M.D.



  • English
  • Korean


  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Med-Hematology
  • American Board of Internal Med-Medical Oncology


  • Hematology/Oncology - Internal Medicine
  • Internal Medicine


  • Professor of Medicine

Intereses clínicas

Hypercoagulable or thrombotic disorders
Platelet disorders
Coag, bleeding and thrombotic disorders
Bleeding disorders

Intereses de

ITP, TTP, platelet dysfunction, antiphospolipid syndrome and other hypercoagulabe states, bleeding disorders


Hamchoon Medical Award


1972 Fellowship
University of Miami
1970 Residency
St. Francis General Hospital
1964 Graduate
Seoul National University


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